We are a constantly developing company in the field of mass catering with main product meat processing, marinated or not, in the quantity of your choice.

In today’s market we all seek for innovative, qualitative, economic and rapid solutions with the lower possible cost. With special tastes and innovative ideas on meat processing with respect and knowledge on quality products we created tastes of high standards.

Knowing that in today’s market every superior product must also be accompanied with the least production time, processed and marinated meat doesn’t need anything more other than grilling.

It’s important to be noted that our company applies the quality standard ΕΝ ISO22000:2005 since 2012 certifying that our products are safe and comply with all the quality and hygiene standards during their manufacture and transportation for the best concern of our clients.


  • The on-time distribution and delivery of our products that is achieved with special truck freezers that our company owns.
  • The formation of the quantity of products so that we can meet with your needs.
  • The cooperation with you, in any time, for the creation of a catalogue suitable for the inclusion of our products to your existing menu.
  • The direct use from the freezer or the refrigerator to the frying pan or grill
  • The minimization of the production time, valuable asset on rush hour
  • The time saving since there is no need for further processing of our products or occupying of workforce.
  • Money saving from buying ready products that only need grilling or frying
  • The fact that you know from starters the products cost
  • The stable profit percentage

We would like you to dedicate some of your time to meet us and our tastes for free with a presentation on your premises, knowing that trial is the most effective way to certify everything that we propose to you.